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Product NameStructure TypeFrameworkCrystal Size AvailableIndustrial VOC, NOx, and N2O reductionAutomotive emission controlOdor removal, as replacement for activated carbonRefining & Petrochemicals ProductionIndustrial production & Industrial off-gasMTG,MTP,MTO
HegreZeo ZSM-5MFINano & MicroOOOOOO
HegreZeo BETABEANano & MicroOOO
HegreZeo SAPO-34CHAMicroOOO
HegreZeo SSZ-13CHANano & MicroO
HegreZeo MCM-22MWWMicroO
HegreZeo TS-1MFINano & MicroO
HegreZeo High Silica YFAUMicroO