Aqueous Film Forming Foam

Aqueous Film Forming Foam

We offer wide range of Alkyl Polyglycosides green surfactant to meet different industrial needs and challenges. Made of natural resource, namely corn sugar and natural fatty alcohol, APG has excellent biodegradibility profile with good foaming property and degreasing power. Skin irritation of APG is much lower than SLS and SLES. The combination of these properties make APG an excellent choice of surfactant for household, personal care, industrial cleaning and even AFFF applications

Performance benefits of APG

Excellent biodegrabilility

Good foaming profile

Good degreasing property

Very mild to skin irritation

Alkyl Polyglycoside Surfactant
Trade Name INCI Name Household Industral Cleaning Personal Care Agrochem Oilfield AFFF Solid Content Carbon Chain
Hegres AP 8105 H Capryl/Capryl Glucoside
(CAS # 68515-73-1 )
50% C8-10
Hegres AP 8106H 60%
Hegres AP 8106 M
Hegres AP 8107H 70%
Hegres AP 8107LD
Hegres AP 8143 H Coco Glucoside
(CAS # 68515-73-1&110615-47-9 )
50% C8-14
Hegres AP8145H Decyl Glucoside
(CAS # 68515-73-1&110615-47-9 )
Hegres AP8147M
Hegres AP 8147 H
Hegres AP 2140 H Lauryl Glucoside
(CAS # 110615-47-9 )
50% C12-14