Amine Catalyst

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Product NameDesciption / Product PerformanceSuitable for
Hegrecat DMEAStandard weak blow catalyst, DMEAGeneral rigid foam system
Hegrecat BDMABenzyldimethylamineRigid Foam to reduce friability and improve cure
Hegrecat DMCHAStandard Gel catalyst , DMCHARigid Foam to catalysis gel reaction
Hegrecat PMDETAStandard Blow catalyst, PMDETARigid Foam to catalysis blow reaction
Hegrecat LA141Standard cure catalyst,  TriazineRigid Foam to promote trimer reaction
Hegrecat LA130Conventional catalyst for rigid foam, 2,4,6-Tris(dimethylaminomethyl)phenolRigid Foam to promote trimer reaction
Hegrecat LA 131N,N,N',N'',N''- Tetramethyl -1,6 - hexanediamineGeneral rigid foam system
Hegrecat LA132Quaternary Ammonium Salt, uniformed and controlled rise profile,  improve friability & Surface curePromote Trimerization in PUR and PIR Foam
Hegrecat MC115Standard cure catalyst, 75%  Potassium octoate in DEG (15% K)Curing catalyst for PIR Foam
Hegrecat MC 14538% Potassium acetate in MEG  (15% K )Curing catalyst for PIR Foam
Hegrecat KAC30% Potassium acetateCuring catalyst for PIR Foam