Alkyl Polyglycosides (APG)

APG is made with Glucose from corn starch and natural fatty alcohol from palm oil, palm kernel oil or coconut oil. Being a natural product, APG is an excellent choice for surfactant used in personal care, household, industrial & institutional market.

APG has the following characteristic :
• Biodegradable, renewable
• Environmental Friendly
• Low surface tension, Strong detergency
• Strong Alkaline resistance
• Good thickening effect
• Good Compatibility
• Good Foaming Properties
• Non irritating to eyes, Low Skin Irritation

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Trade Name INCI Name Household Industral Cleaning Personal Care Agrochem Oilfield AFFF Solid Content Carbon Chain
Hegres AP 8105 H Capryl/Capryl Glucoside
(CAS # 68515-73-1 )
50% C8-10
Hegres AP 8106H 60%
Hegres AP 8106 M
Hegres AP 8107H 70%
Hegres AP 8107LD
Hegres AP 8143 H Coco Glucoside
(CAS # 68515-73-1&110615-47-9 )
50% C8-14
Hegres AP8145H Decyl Glucoside
(CAS # 68515-73-1&110615-47-9 )
Hegres AP8147M
Hegres AP 8147 H
Hegres AP 2140 H Lauryl Glucoside
(CAS # 110615-47-9 )
50% C12-14